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heliconia painting by samantha gallagher bird paradise rainforest rainforrest rain forest island tropical Art "Heliconia"
16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas
Original $645 Framed

Buy Prints Here:
Heliconia 8"x10" Print - $20.00
I hand sign all of my prints. The prints are sprayed with Krylon "Preserve It" to extend the print life as much as possible, but please take care not to hang prints in direct sunlight or in very humid places. Archival inks are used to print the images and my used ink cartridges are always recycled. My prints are printed on eco-friendly paper.
My new paper of choice is Red River Greenpix (read more about it here). I switched to this paper because it is made here in the USA.
Some other prints have been printed on Hahnemuhle Sugar Cane (Bagasse) paper. This fine art inkjet paper is made from a by-product of sugar cane processing and is archival and of the highest quality. Click here to read more about this paper.

Canvas Prints
Canvas prints are printed on heavy duty, high quality canvas. The canvas is treated with a UV inhibiting coat, which protects the canvas from fading. The coating is rated to last for over 100 years, but as with any artwork, care must be taken to keep the canvas out of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to prolong longevity. Canvas edges are wrapped, which means the artwork will appear to wrap around the sides of the canvas. The canvas can be hung with or without a frame.